Since SUOM’s inception we have endeavored hard to establish ourselves as one of the leading companies in the Kingdom by providing excellent support services.

Saudi Union, by the Grace of Allah, now stands at No. 1 position in the Kingdom, in terms of executing projects on large scale, efficiently and effectively.

Saudi Union, during the course of its establishment, have successfully executed and delivered turnkey projects for leading Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Business Centers, etc. Kingdom-wide as well as for international clients

Saudi Union is proud to possess a team of experienced and dedicated Executive Managers, Technicians, Workers and other staff members, who leave no stone unturned in accomplishing their most complex tasks on time with their specialization and expertise.

“Coming together is beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success”.

Saudi Union considers this as its secret of its Success

Saudi Union for Operations and Maintenance, (SUOM), was established by Engr. Abdul Rahman Al Masharie, Chairman & CEO in the year 2008, with the prime objective of providing services to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia related to Contracting, Facility Management, Construction, Cleaning, Logistics and Creative Solutions.

CEO Message

Ever since the establishment of Saudi Union for Operations and Maintenance (SUOM), we have endeavored hard to the prosperity of our clients, Employees and Society from a global perspective. We are an equal opportunity service provider.

Our business can be divided into four key areas, namely, our Services business, Event Management business, Cleaning Services business and environmental business. To add further value to these areas, we strive to provide services tailored to the individual needs of our clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by using our technologies and the expertise, which we have acquired through our experience and achievements.

The changing environment and diversifying need Today, uncertainty about the global economy is widespread. By viewing changes in our environment as business opportunities, we remain firm in our commitment to formulating innovative proposals unique to our company.

In addition to fulfilling our social responsibilities, our employees continue to focus all of our corporate resources to provide professional services to meet our client needs. To that end, we would like to ask for your continued support and patronage to help us serve all our clients.


Abdur Rahman Al Masharie


Since the inception of Saudi Union for Operations and Maintenance, we set out a long-term vision to establish SUOM as one of the leading entity in the field of Operations and Maintenance. We achieved this with our hard work and careful planning. For us SUOM should stand apart in the local as well as international markets due to its commitment, integrity, team work and will to win. Our prime objective is to establish SUOM as the first destination for all our prospective clients who are looking for
upscale, state-of-the-art and high standards of quality service providers.


To carry forward our on-going trend of continued growth with pace, passion and enthusiasm by relying on our ability and expertise. To develop long-term business relationship with our clients and add value to their operations by extending innovative, professional and world-class operations and maintenance services. Also at the same time we endeavor to provide rewarding work
environment for all our employees for brighter and sustainable future.


To establish SUOM as one of the leaders in the Region as most respected service brand To effectively contribute to the Saudi economy To remain focus on Quality, Safety and Social Responsibility To achieve the idea of Total Quality Management To open new channels of communications with clients and respond to their wishes using social media connectivity. To generate feeling of integrity and trust in our clients with regard to business dealings and accountability To successfully execute our projects with expertise and timely delivery.

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