The Saudi Union Operation and Maintenance has been  in various   sector  of production  and  trade,  providing  high quality services in the field of management, maintenance, cleaning   and   operation,  as  well  as   managing  human resources and logistics.

Saudi Union has managed to establish a prominent position for itself among the companies and institutions specialized at operation, maintenance  and  logistics sector,  thanks  to god  and thanks  to  its  adoption  on a clear policy starting from the concept of total quality as a basic for work before, during and after the delivery of the services.
We accomplished to deliver many services for hospitals and companies  known  nationally  and  internationally.
We   are   proud   of   the  saudi  union  team  of   managers,  technicians  and  workers  in   various  disciplines   who  are distinguished  by  their  long experience and their ability to  accomplish   the   most  complex   tasks   in   our   fields   of specialization, which is considered the secret of our success.


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